Monday, January 07, 2013

#learnwme chat - January 7, 2013 : Productivity

The theme of Productivity pervades our professional and private lives on a daily basis. We are not only pushed to do more by our bosses, families and friends, but we often believe that we must. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I am regularly frustrated by how many tasks I need to fit into a 24-hour period.

It seems Productivity is most on our minds at the start of a new year, too. So, tonight's Learn with Me Twitter chat will focus on this ever-present idea of Productivity.

We will discuss tools (a few are mentioned in my previous post) that can help you accomplish more and share approaches that work for some that might work for others. Regardless of your profession or interests, you can pretty much guarantee that Productivity is something you will struggle with at times.

Join us tonight at 8pm EST for #learnwme and learn, share and discuss how 2013 can become the year you accomplish much and Productivity is no longer elusive.

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