Monday, November 18, 2013

Mentoring for Twitter on Twitter?

This year I started thinking seriously again about mentoring and how to carry out a mentoring relationship on Twitter. Basically, I'd like to use my knowledge and experience with Twitter to help others get a better grasp of its benefits and features. As a mentor, I'd like to combine instruction and tasks with helpful support.

Mentoring for Twitter on Twitter? Yep, alongside helpful tips and advice in video format and via Google Hangouts and with blog posts here, I aim to guide mentees through an 8-week mentoring 'program'. We'll not only look at using Twitter effectively and efficiently, but also the voice you are broadcasting through it and how you may be perceived by your followers on it.

If you're interested (it's free) all you need to do is send a tweet letting me know, and include the hashtag, #learnwme, in your tweet when you do.

How do you do this?

  1. Open a Twitter account
  2. Compose and send a tweet that looks like this:

Follow the Twitter Mentoring Program on this page!

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