Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Twitter Value: Part 2 - Professional Development

I am finding there is certainly no shortage of great things to write about Twitter and its many uses. This post will focus on what I think it brings to the table for professionals. I will be quoting from my most recent #learnwme chat during which we discussed this topic and more. 

My Twitter experience has provided me with so much learning that I feel like I've been through various college courses without having to pay! I've learned about Project Management from @PMHut, Instructional Design and elearning from Connie Malamed, the @elearningcoach, and Digital Media and Marketing from the Digital Marketer, @alizasherman

Most recently, I participated in a session of #blogchat, and was amazed and grateful at how helpful the participants on the chat were in helping me learn about archiving, writing and a host of tips to make my blog experience more efficient and enjoyable. Here are a few excerpts from that night:

During my last #learnwme chat, many other options were shared and agreed on, such as checking industry trends and improving customer service: 

As well as the back channel communication that takes place at conferences and also keeping the momentum going afterward via Twitter: 

Of course, networking, sharing and following those in your industry that you admire or want to learn from are valuable uses professionally for Twitter as well: 

Honestly, I believe the possibilities that exist when you use Twitter for professional development and opportunities are basically limitless. As I pointed out during our most recent chat, make sure that your participation with others on Twitter is always a two-way street: Don't just give, and don't just receive. The exceptional value I've experienced from using Twitter thus far has come about because I have helped others just as much as they have helped me. Show a willingness to be helpful to others and you'd be amazed at how helpful the Twitter community is back in return. 

Here's a great link from WikiHow that I shared with the #learnwme chat partcipants that provides some more advice on using Twitter as a Professional. 

The most common advice I give people is to just jump in and get your feet wet. That's what worked for me. The more I used Twitter, the more I recognized its value and the more value I received. Learning, networking, collaborating, sharing, teaching - it's all there and in great abundance. So, what are you waiting for? 

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