Monday, November 19, 2012

Twitter Value: Part 3 - Connecting, Meeting, Sharing

Writing 'Part 3' seems a bit insufficient in that I really feel I could have a 10-part series of posts on the value Twitter brings, but this blog is about more than just one Social Media platform. So, I'll focus on the value Twitter has brought me in terms of the connections I've made, the people I've met and the sharing that has taken place.

Connections have been many, vast and surprising. I have connected with Aliza Sherman, as mentioned previously, and we have collaborated on MightyBell compiling apps that we feel are must-haves. She has been an amazing resource person for me as well and helpful when I have questions.

I have connected with many through the various Twitter chats I particpate in - #HBRChat, #blogchat, #lrnchat, #smmanners, and #mediachat among others. I've expanded my LinkedIn connections with these people as well and found support, encouragement and a welcome openness.

Meeting people face to face has happened, though many detractors of Twitter think it only creates 'virtual' relationships. At the recent #CSTD2012 conference, I organized tweetups for attendees who had either connected on Twitter pre-conference and/or during. It was great to be able to meet in person, continue the conversations already started and to meet new people. By experience, I can say without a doubt that the one improvement of this year's conference over last year's for me was the fact that Twitter helped me meet many more people. These new connections are already leading to collaboration opportunities and mutually shared learning.

What has been shared with me and what I have shared back has been simply mind-blowing for me, no exaggeration. During Twitter chats I have been tutored and guided through questions I've had which have resulted in amazing learning opportunities. As one fellow chat participant expressed, it's like having your own free college course!

Most recently, the Chief Evangelist, Oliver Starr, of PearlTrees, gave me an amazing run-through of the limitless capabilities and exciting possibilities of PearlTrees via Skype. I was very impressed by the offer and chance to learn that way, and it all came about by some brief conversations on Twitter. I love how sharing ideas and information between tweeters can open up so many doors.

I would really love to hear how Twitter has helped you connect, meet others and share. Please leave a comment below and if you are new to Twitter and are not sure how to make these amazing opportunities happen yet, feel free to let me know and I would love to guide you. 


  1. Thanks so much for mentioning our #SmManners Community! We are almost three years old and having a blast as me learn to "Navigate the Fine Art of the Social Media Dance"

    We are honored to be included among so many leaders in the "Chat World" Thanks again!



    1. Hi Dabney,
      I'm more than happy to mention your wonderful #SmManners chat community as it has helped me a lot already and I always enjoy it! Great group of people.

      See you on there next time!

      Btw, I host a chat every Monday night at 8pm EST - #learnwme. If you have a chance one week to check it out, that'd be fantastic!