Monday, October 15, 2012

Facebook How To: Take control of your News Feed

Many of us use Facebook numerous times daily, but don't take advantage of all the settings and customization that is possible. Jay Baer - host of the Social Pros podcast that I listen to - has written an excellent article about taking control of your Facebook News Feed, '3 Ways to Fight Facebook's Algorithm and Customize Your Feed'.

Jay gives some great information before explaining these '3 Ways', to give us an idea of how Facebook's algorithm currently works:

Facebook has altered the math of the game so that only posts that get a disproportionate amount of engagement (likes, clicks, comments, shares) will be seen by a lot of people – regardless of whether those people are fans or friends. This opens up more real estate for Promoted Posts (ads) from companies or people. That’s right, Facebook also (somewhat quietly) announced that they are opening up the option for individuals to buy exposure on a per-post basis. So, if you want even more people to see your cat doing that funny thing, you can spend $7 to make it so.
He then clearly and succinctly (yay!) explains the 3 ways to take control of your News Feed which I've listed below:

1. Change Your News Feed Setting to Most Recent
2. Use Facebook’s Friends Organizer Tool
3. Change Story Preferences For Individuals 
So, I recommend you check out Jay's article and make a stronger effort to see what you want to see on your Feed and/or change it up once in a while to make it more interesting. I've done the changes already. Let me know how you make out.

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