Saturday, October 13, 2012

Yes, Facebook enriches my life

I admit that it often surprises me when I hear people criticize Facebook and exclaim proudly that they would never join. How they don't want to see pictures of their friends' meals or pets and that they want to hold on to their privacy.

I like to see what my friends are cooking and/or eating, as long as it doesn't look like a big hot mess on their plates! My Brazilian friend posted a photo of the white sausages he ate today while on his trip to Germany. Although they don't look appetizing to me, I'm glad he's enjoying his adventure and trying new things abroad.

Now pets? Well, I'm a sucker for a cute dog or cat picture, so no big problem for me there. As you see below, I'm guilty of participating in the 'cats taking over the internet' phenomenon, too.

But let me tell you about how Facebook has actually provided value in my life over the past dozen or so weeks, starting with beer. 

The week of the Toronto Beer Fest in July, I entered a contest posted only on Facebook by a local promoter and won two free passes to the event! I must point out, that craft breweries in Quebec are rocking it!

I have crowd-sourced information about a local internet service provider, been informed of when my favourite coffee -Kicking Horse decaf- went on sale and in which grocery store and thoroughly enjoyed some meaningful debate over Chavez' recent win in Venezuela. And just two days ago a friend posted that he had free tickets available to Cirque du Soleil's current show, Amaluna, which I thankfully snapped up and was again amazed at the talent of the Cirque's performers that evening. 

So, yes, Facebook enriches my life in various and welcome ways. How about you? Share ways Facebook has provided value in your own life below in comments. 

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