Thursday, October 25, 2012

Twitter Value: Part 1 - Customer Service

I am being asked daily about the 'value of Twitter' and why I bother to use it. Which doesn't surprise me since the top Twitter users are celebrities and comedians who don't really provide much value in my opinion.
I believe that Twitter has provided me with lots of value, therefore I will expand on a few areas in the next three posts and see if I can convince the skeptical crowd.

In the past week, I have again been very pleased with the customer service aspect of Twitter and how it has helped me. It is more immediate, direct and faster on Twitter to connect with brands and companies and their respective customer service reps. Take Cuisinart for example:

While making myself a green smoothie the other day, I realized it's time for a new sealer gasket. I thought, 'Where in all of Toronto am I going to find one?' This being the reason I haven't really bothered to search one out before. Then, of course, I thought, 'Why not tweet Cuisinart and find out?' So, as you can see, I did and was rewarded with an answer within a couple of hours and can now order what I need online with ease.

The same day, I had questions for Downcast, HootSuite and HashTracking, and they all responded well and helpfully. I got what I needed, and fast without having to be put on hold or write a lengthy email and then check my inbox for the next few days for a response. Examples below:

Smart companies and organizations have realized the power of Twitter when it comes to better customer service, and we -as customers- should take advantage of the succinct, quick and easy way that Twitter provides in getting our questions and issues resolved.

I encourage you to try it out for yourself with any customer service issue you currently have and let us know the outcome in the comments below. If you've already had experience(s) using Twitter for customer service with a brand, also let us know.


  1. This is gr8 stuff Jamie. Could u recommend good Twitter apps for Android and iPhone? Especially ones that allow you to simulcast ur tweet to FB if u choose to. Thx

    1. Thanks Doug! My app of choice on my iPhone is Twitter, actually, as it's been much improved over the past yr and I can access all my Twitter accounts there. I don't have my tweets broadcast simultaneously anywhere else as I do a lot of chats and thank u's via my feed that aren't appropriate necessarily on other SoMe platforms. I use HootSuite on my desktop and have the app, but don't use it on my phone yet as I haven't needed to. Many also like TweetDeck. Twitterific I also used for a while until Twitter improved their app. I'll look into the simulcast Q a bit more for you..

  2. I have this issue where I can't seem to order from Just-eat using Chrome anymore - I can go all the way through ordering until I get to paying and then it errors out. It works with other browsers, but Chrome is many people's browser of choice, including myself. I tried using their online customer service chat but that was very unhelpful. They just kept saying it was a problem with my own tech and left it at that.

    Then I tweeted about it and I got a response right away. The person asked for my email address and we had an ongoing conversation where I sent her screenshots of the errors, gave her the make of the machines I was using and the OSs they were running, etc, and she also have me a code for $20 off my next order.

    It's frustrating that their customer service chat wouldn't initiate such a dialogue, but it also makes sense: tweeting about it is public. Nobody sees me getting frustrated with the customer service chat but any number of my 700 followers will see me complaining about them on twitter so it's in their PR interests to respond in that medium.

    1. Very good points made there, especially about the 'saving face' aspect and how that relates to companies providing better service on Twitter. Whatever the reasons, I agree with you that quick, useful responses on Twitter are thankfully becoming more the norm for better customer service. About time!