Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Learn with Me chat: Oct. 22, 2012

On Monday evening at 8pm EDT, I hosted my first Learn with Me chat! The focus was on Twitter, and along with helping participants learn how to use the platform better and participate in Twitter chats, we also discussed its value in the workplace.

I provided tips on using in order to participate in the chat easily, and I also explained common and useful acronyms. I hope you find them helpful, too. 

There was a nice discussion on why organizations still aren't embracing Twitter and how we might convince them to hop on board. It was nice to have that discussed honestly and take a look at the real value of Twitter, something I'm going to do in my next series of posts. 

Please have a look at the partial transcript on Storify. I have tried to organize all the tips toward the beginning and gathered the focused conversations together as well. 

Join me on Mondays at 8-9pm EDT/EST for Learn with Me - #learnwme - and Let's Learn Social! 

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