Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Learn by doing

A lot of us learn by doing. We will read the manual, watch the YouTube video and listen as our friend explains where to click and how to post, but it sinks in once we do it ourselves.

I remember a few years back when I stared at my screen wondering what to do. It was the Twitter homepage and I wasn't really sure why I was there. People kept saying it was mostly about what others had for breakfast anyway, so why was I bothering? And I held out on joining Facebook for about 2 years before jumping into the news feed black hole.

Now, obviously, it's a different story, a different engagement and a purposeful approach. What I have learned by jumping into Social and by just doing it is that I have learned. I have connected and collaborated, and I have grown.

I want you to learn, to grow and to connect like I have. I'd like us to collaborate and learn together, because discovery is much more enjoyable in the company of other great and curious people. So, stick around and Let's Learn Social.

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